My photographic goal these days is simple – Have fun, unleash some creativity and improve my craft!

The ‘short’ history of Lightscape

I was interested¬†in photography from a young age, but didn’t get my first ‘real’ (SLR) film camera until my 21st Birthday. When photography went digital my IT experience and years spent playing with computers gave me a great head-start! Like many photographers I spent years taking pictures of anything and everything, learning to appreciate the detail all around me that is so often overlooked. In 2011 I set myself some challenging new goals, upgraded my DSLR to something respectably serious and Lightscape Photography was born.

Here and Now

Over the past couple of years I’ve had a lot of fun collaborating with a number of different people, working to improve my photography, expanding my kit, and sharing the results from a variety of photo-shoots. While most of the work you’ll see here involves models, it was landscapes that originally attracted to me to photography, and creative shots (like long exposure light trails) that got me hooked. I’ve been down the ‘semi-professional’ road, but in my experience ‘working’ for someone is a lot less enjoyable than ‘collaborating’ creatively with someone. These days I consider myself to be more of a creative enthusiast, but still approach my photography with the same professional attitude.

My Goals

My photographic goal these days is simple – Have fun, unleash some creativity and improve my craft. Working with like minded, creative people is a great motivator and every shoot teaches me ‘something’. I’m not chasing fame or glory, but would love to see my photos published one day. For now I’m happy to go with the flow and see what opportunities arise. Photography is a journey of constant discovery and I love sharing what I’ve learned with others. I’m working towards a time when I feel my experience, and the body of my work justifies my being able to educate and inspire a new generation of photographers.

Kris Robinson
Lightscape Photography