Balloons at Dawn with Jess

I met Jess Maguire through her good friend Loren Corrigan (one of my favourite models to work with), and she was very patient waiting for me to find a shoot date amid my (at the time) busy weekend shooting schedule. Eventually we settled on a fashion style field shoot with some balloons thrown in for good measure.

I can’t remember how this ended up being a dawn shoot, especially considering my usual aversion to any conscious activity before 7am. It was by most counts a glorious dawn, with the one small exception being (for Jess at least) that it was an unusually cold one. We actually shot this in town (carefully avoiding power lines and urban detail in the background) but still had to tramp through a couple of hundred metres of shoulder high grass (you literally couldn’t see the ground/snakes you were walking on) to get to a good spot.

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