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Amy Thunderbolt | Lingerie Alley

I took the opportunity on my 2nd shoot with Amy Thunderbolt to bring out the gels and add some coloured light to the scene. Shooting in a small back alley in the center of the town provided a nice wall with reflective graffiti and a cool mesh fence gate to work with. I’m stoked with the the way these came out and the ‘feel’ of the shoot overall.

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Amy Thunderbolt | Part 2 – Yamaha Shoot

On the morning of Amy’s ‘Kawaii as F#ck’ shoot (see part 1) there was talk that the car which had been arranged for the shoot might not be available. I hit up a friend of mine (Brad Warren) for a loan of his Yamaha R1 to cover our bases. We ended up with both vehicles for the shoot giving us the opportunity to shoot two distinctly different styles with Amy in one afternoon.

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Amy Thunderbolt | Part 1 – Kawaii Shoot

Amy Thunderbolt  is a bit of a cosplay legend and anime character fan with a strong following online. This shoot all started with a pair of ‘Kawaii as F#ck’ undies (Kawaii means ‘cute’ in Japanese) and then took on a life of it’s own when last minute location and prop changes forced us to experiment with some different styles. This shoot isn’t Amy’s usual style (judging by her previous work) but she did an amazing job and absolutely killed it on the road bike (see Part 2).

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Klarissa’s River Shoot

For Klarissa’s swimwear shoot we wanted to avoid the typical ‘beach’ or ‘pool’ shoot and instead found a spot on the river with some sand and shallow water. You probably can’t tell from the shots, but the water was really cold (for Queensland anyway) and Klarissa did well to maintain her composure, even after completely dunking herself later in the day.

Klarissa came prepared with an impressive collection of  swimwear but we had to narrow it down to four changes because of light and time.

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The Photographer Model

A while back I asked for model volunteers on Facebook. Photographer Renee Eloise (AKA Lizard of Lizard Imagery) put her hand up, having started her career as a model. This gave me an idea “why not shoot a fun portrait that shows Renee as both a model and the photographer that she is”. There were many ways we could have done this, but we decided on something sexy because it contrasts with the normal perception of photographers (who are generally ‘much’ more comfortable behind the lens than in front of it). The photos on the floor around Renee are not my shots, but are images of Renee from her portfolio by a variety of photographers.

I should also point out that the shoot itself  was squeezed in between one of my afternoon model shoots and Renee’s night time photographic gig at The One nightclub, somewhere between 8pm and 10pm on a Saturday night. That 2 hours was the total time we had to setup from scratch and shoot). Was also my first time using multiple studio lights, so I’m pretty pleased to have gotten the result we did given the circumstances 😉

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Sarah’s Forest Fairy Tale

Sarah’s was, at the time of this shoot. relatively new to modelling. She had entered a couple of modelling comps some months before (and won) and was in the process of creating her portfolio when we teamed up for this shoot.

The plan for this shoot was originally to shoot images with a ‘darker’ twisted fairy tale feel to them. On the day however, Sarah (dressed in her Snow White and Red Riding Hood costumes) portrayed an an ‘innocence’ in her expressions and poses which seemed to better suit the light and setting at the time.

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Klarissa takes on Ke$ha

This recent shoot with Klarissa Onoprienko was inspired by the unique and unusual fusion of styles worn by pop star Ke$ha. This was one of Klarissa’s first shoots, but she came well prepared with a tonne of wardrobe options and accessories. The rain seems to be making a point lately of holding off till the weekend, and so we were again forced to come up with a Plan B. As luck would have it, a friend had texted me (just hours before) with info on a semi-secret location which provided just enough cover to keep us dry, and a great backdrop for the shoot. Definitely one of the more adventurous model shoots I’ve done (At one point Klarissa couldn’t hear my directions over the roaring rain on the huge tin roof above).

Thank you to John Cullen for his assistance on the shoot, and to Klarissa for being prepared, patient and easy to work with. No unicorns were harmed during the making of these images 😉

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Graffiti Tunnel Glamour (Loren)

I’ve worked with Loren before and this time round we’d lined up a few locations for a Sunday shoot in January. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas, and rain ruled out all but one of the locations we had considered.  This graffiti tunnel served as both shelter and an interesting background for the shoot, but it did come with some limitations (namely space and lighting).

Natural light was only really available at the wetter ends of the tunnel (plenty of wind blowing rain in), so I took the opportunity to play more with an off camera flash and diffuser. I do prefer working with natural light, and this was really the first shoot where I’ve had to depend solely on an off camera flash, but I think it added some drama and contrast to the shots.

This shoot was a team effort with a new friend (Morgyn) taking charge of make-up and styling (which added another level to the shoot) and Loren’s man Josh helping out with the lighting. Thanks so much for your help guys, it was great working with a larger team. 😉

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Australia Day Shoot with Chloe

Happy Australia Day!! Whether you’re living here at home, travelling the world, or an ex-pat representing Australia overseas, today’s the day to proudly acknowledge your Australian heritage!

Chloe Tazewell recently asked me to shoot an Australia Day theme for her 2013 Calendar, and I’ve been saving the results of that shoot to mark this occasion 😉 This is a shoot I’ve wanted to do for a while now and we picked a great day (weather wise). As seems to be the way with beach shoots during summer, we had to contend with the usual background clutter (Swimmers, Jet Ski’s, birds and boats), but Chloe did get asked for her autograph, which I think made her day!

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Shipwrecked with Chantel

I bumped into Chantel at work one day and discovered she was both a fashion designer and a qualified model. She had this idea to do a “shipwrecked” themed shoot, so we made it happen. The weather on the day was perfect, but everyone else thought so to. It was pretty crowded (even at the smaller B grade beach we opted for) and happy swimmers in the background kinda kills the mood when you’re trying to portray “lost and alone”. We still managed a few great shots though, and I got wetter, and sandier than I’ve ever been game to get before (with my camera that is).

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At The Wreckers with Karley

I’ve been a little busy lately, so I’m only just now getting around to posting some pics from my August shoot with Karley. This was our first shoot working together and we were aiming for an edgy but glamorous look. We found a small mountain of half crushed cars at a local wreckers, and Karley set about tearing some clothing to complete the look (which of course, she gets major commitment points for).

Lighting proved a little tricky and Karley kept me on my toes, but we got some great shots.  Thanks go out to Karley for being a great sport, Shane for helping with the lighting, and Fix-It Auto Wreckers for providing the location.

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My Canon Photo 5 Entry

So Canon Photo 5 has come and almost gone. The brief for this one was “Powder: Fast Shutter” and the green, chalk like powder was supplied in our Photo 5 box. The intention with this shot was to capture a frozen frame of the powder as it transitions from powder to dust/smoke when blown out of someone’s hand. My step sister helped out by modelling for the shot and being generally cool about being covered in messy green powder.

Bay Shoot | Cheyenne

This shoot was on the same day (and immediately after) Chloe’s ‘Lingerie/Grass” shoot. As soon as we wrapped Chloe’s shoot I was racing down to the pier to meet Cheyenne and get started on her beach shoot. This was the first time I’d worked with Cheyenne, and she earnt extra credits by braving the ‘not at all warm’ water for a couple of the shots.

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Lingerie in the grass | Chloe Tazewell

I took a short break (photographically speaking) when i got back from New Zealand, but by the end of July I was keen to shoot again. So keen that I traveled to Hervey Bay for two seperate shoots in one afternoon. The first was with the always fun Chloe Tazewell. We were forced to abandon our original plan to shoot at the botanic gardens due to a “Teddy Bears Picnic” (we wisely decided that a lingerie shoot near a large family fun day would be a bad idea), and instead found a suitably uninhabited park.

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Life Lessons in Photography

Those of you who’ve been following Lightscape will know that during my recent trip to New Zealand, not everything went according to plan. From a photographic point of view there were too many clouds, too much rain, and too little light (good light anyway). One particular night, we were driving into Queenstown at about 10pm under a crystal clear, star filled sky. We stopped briefly to admire the view, but pressed on to Queenstown with a plan to find a place to stay and then head back out to grab some star shots. By the time we sorted accommodation and drove away from the bright lights of Queenstown, a blanket of cloud had rolled in to cover the sky completely.

At this point I was pretty annoyed (because we seemed to continually ‘just’ missing things timing wise). I was ready to call it a night when my friend Stephen reminded me not to let frustration get in the way of a possible opportunity. We were after all on a windy and deserted mountain road in a semi-alpine forest in the middle of the night, and we had the van (Stephen knows I like light trails). So we stuffed around for another hour until finally we arrived at the image below (Stephen gets ‘Stig’ credit for this one). So for me, this shot serves as a reminder: Never let frustration cloud (you see what I did there :P) your creative potential!