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New Zealand Landscapes 2011

3 months ago a group of friends and I set off on a road trip around New Zealand’s South Island. Not everything went according to plan (cue unseasonal weather and flight cancelling volcanic ash clouds from Chile), but it was an adventure nonetheless and I did come back with a couple of photos I’m happy to share. Since returning home I’ve had 3 model shoots, 2 maternity shoots, and become a father for the 2nd time, which probably helps explain why I’ve edited less than half of my New Zealand shots so far.

View photos from my 2011 New Zealand Trip!

Chloe’s Aviation Glamour Shoot

I’ve been fascinated by Aviation since I was a kid! Earlier this month I got the chance to combine that fascination with my love of photography in an Aviation Glamour shoot with Chloe Tazewell. Working in and around aircraft in hangars (and outside) was both inspiring and fun, and led to some very cool shots. A big thank you to our lighting assistant Doug Smith, Jabiru Aircraft, and of course Chloe for being such a fabulous model!

View photos from this shoot – Part 1 View photos from this shoot – Part 2

Fashion Shoot with Amy

I traveled to the Sunshine Coast before Easter for a portfolio building Fashion Shoot. It was my first shoot with Amy (who it seems is destined for big things in the modelling industry) and she was a natural in front of the camera.

View photos from this shoot!

Loren’s Dawn Photoshoot

A couple of weeks back Loren and I organised a dawn shoot at the beach. The weather had me worried at first (lots of cloud), but as the photos show, the sunrise turned out to be pretty spectacular! Thanks to Loren for her time, professionalism and for being so well prepared at 5am in the morning. Some of the images from this shoot can be seen in my ‘Early Shoots’ gallery linked below.

View photos in the ‘Early Shoots’ gallery