Amy Thunderbolt | Lingerie Alley

I took the opportunity on my 2nd shoot with Amy Thunderbolt to bring out the gels and add some coloured light to the scene. Shooting in a small back alley in the center of the town provided a nice wall with reflective graffiti and a cool mesh fence gate to work with. I’m stoked with the the way these came out and the ‘feel’ of the shoot overall.

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Nissa Reid | Fashion-Glamour Shoot

This was our first time working together, but collaborating with Nissa reminded me why I still put so much time into organising, shooting and editing. She was a dream to work with (absolute natural), the weather was perfect, the location gave us plenty of options and we came out of it with some cracking shots. We got so many great shots from this shoot that I had to divide them into 3 portfolio posts (Window, Sun-Drenched and Tangled).

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Jade Johnson | Surfboard Shed Shoot

Jade was keen on a ‘surf’ themed shoot and just happened to know someone who makes surfboards for a living. After first shooting at the Surfboard Shed in Bargara (QLD) we moved to the beach where Jade embraced the wet and braved the breeze to get the shot.

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Amy Thunderbolt | Part 2 – Yamaha Shoot

On the morning of Amy’s ‘Kawaii as F#ck’ shoot (see part 1) there was talk that the car which had been arranged for the shoot might not be available. I hit up a friend of mine (Brad Warren) for a loan of his Yamaha R1 to cover our bases. We ended up with both vehicles for the shoot giving us the opportunity to shoot two distinctly different styles with Amy in one afternoon.

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Amy Thunderbolt | Part 1 – Kawaii Shoot

Amy Thunderbolt  is a bit of a cosplay legend and anime character fan with a strong following online. This shoot all started with a pair of ‘Kawaii as F#ck’ undies (Kawaii means ‘cute’ in Japanese) and then took on a life of it’s own when last minute location and prop changes forced us to experiment with some different styles. This shoot isn’t Amy’s usual style (judging by her previous work) but she did an amazing job and absolutely killed it on the road bike (see Part 2).

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Mandy Stevenson | Alley Shoot

We shot these with Mandy in one small alley way before and during sunset with a few different looks to see what we could come up with. Shout out to Doug (one of my best mates and brilliant shoot assistant) for his ingenious rigging of the pallet backdrop on the lingerie shots.

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Dark Side Shoot with Loren

2014 has been a busy ‘day job’ year for me and it pains me to say that my photographic time was the first to suffer.

I’ve devoted what little photographic time I do have to exploring new ideas, different lighting, and basically doing things that in some way, I haven’t done before.

This ‘Dark Side’ shoot with one of my all time favourite models Loren, was a chance for me to try something studio like with flash and a bit of colour in low light.

The setup proved to be challenging but still interesting. In hindsight I focused too much on the lightsabre as a starting point for exposure (given that ultimately it ended up being sorted in post processing), which led to other difficulties, but that’s what this shoot was all about. Experimenting and learning through trial and error.

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Loren’s Seduction Shoot

I’d been talking about working on a shoot with a hairdresser friend of mine (Jacinta) for a while, and finally lined up Loren for a lingerie shoot with a ‘seduction’ theme. It ended up being a long shoot and Loren was amazingly patient and poised the entire time. Such a pleasure to work with. Jacinta Robinson and Kirsty Jennings did a great job with Loren’s hair and make-up while Doug Smith proved invaluable as my lighting assistant. There’s nothing like having a full crew working together on a shoot and achieving great results to boot!

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Alisa’s Aviation Shoot

I’m pretty sure I’ve already divulged my love of all things aviation, and the opportunity to shoot a stunning model with aviation hardware is always a welcome one. For this shoot with ‎Alisa Gonzalez my very good friend Doug Smith organised the use of a Jabiru J170 light aircraft (designed and built right here in Bundaberg!).

We were also lucky enough to shoot in front of my all time favourite airport hangars on a beautiful (albeit windy) QLD day! I feel that we managed to capture some compelling Aviation Glamour shots with a touch of fashion, and I’m pleased to say that I’ve received a lot of positive feedback on this shoot since.

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Catti’s Portrait/Glamour Shoot

This shoot started out with the simple intention of getting some shots with Catti listening to music on her ipod and showing off that brilliant beaming smile of hers while she gets lost in the music.

The location we had originally pegged for the shoot had been damaged by flooding earlier that year, and after changing location and lighting we decided to freestyle a bit.

The ipod didn’t last long (but I think it served it’s purpose), and we grabbed several shots in a secret ‘park on the hill’ and nearby long grass before moving on to the somewhat iconic ‘the hut’ wall in town.

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Klarissa’s Country Girl Shoot

This was my 3rd shoot working with Klarissa Onoprienko and she sent me some images of a new location she had found (not far from Bundaberg) I got more than a little excited about the possibilities.

This place was a photographer/pickers dream with antique cars, collectibles and an old style garage complete with signage and fuel pump. All of which provided some amazing backdrops for the shoot.

My good friend (and brilliant photographer) Stephen Cameron, came along to help out with lighting, take some behind the scenes shots and generally enhance the quality of the day.

We got some great shots and this would have to be up there as one of the most enjoyable shoots I’ve done so far!

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Balloons at Dawn with Jess

I met Jess Maguire through her good friend Loren Corrigan (one of my favourite models to work with), and she was very patient waiting for me to find a shoot date amid my (at the time) busy weekend shooting schedule. Eventually we settled on a fashion style field shoot with some balloons thrown in for good measure.

I can’t remember how this ended up being a dawn shoot, especially considering my usual aversion to any conscious activity before 7am. It was by most counts a glorious dawn, with the one small exception being (for Jess at least) that it was an unusually cold one. We actually shot this in town (carefully avoiding power lines and urban detail in the background) but still had to tramp through a couple of hundred metres of shoulder high grass (you literally couldn’t see the ground/snakes you were walking on) to get to a good spot.

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