Life Lessons in Photography

Those of you who’ve been following Lightscape will know that during my recent trip to New Zealand, not everything went according to plan. From a photographic point of view there were too many clouds, too much rain, and too little light (good light anyway). One particular night, we were driving into Queenstown at about 10pm under a crystal clear, star filled sky. We stopped briefly to admire the view, but pressed on to Queenstown with a plan to find a place to stay and then head back out to grab some star shots. By the time we sorted accommodation and drove away from the bright lights of Queenstown, a blanket of cloud had rolled in to cover the sky completely.

At this point I was pretty annoyed (because we seemed to continually ‘just’ missing things timing wise). I was ready to call it a night when my friend Stephen reminded me not to let frustration get in the way of a possible opportunity. We were after all on a windy and deserted mountain road in a semi-alpine forest in the middle of the night, and we had the van (Stephen knows I like light trails). So we stuffed around for another hour until finally we arrived at the image below (Stephen gets ‘Stig’ credit for this one). So for me, this shot serves as a reminder: Never let frustration cloud (you see what I did there :P) your creative potential!