Graffiti Tunnel Glamour (Loren)

I’ve worked with Loren before and this time round we’d lined up a few locations for a Sunday shoot in January. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas, and rain ruled out all but one of the locations we had considered.  This graffiti tunnel served as both shelter and an interesting background for the shoot, but it did come with some limitations (namely space and lighting).

Natural light was only really available at the wetter ends of the tunnel (plenty of wind blowing rain in), so I took the opportunity to play more with an off camera flash and diffuser. I do prefer working with natural light, and this was really the first shoot where I’ve had to depend solely on an off camera flash, but I think it added some drama and contrast to the shots.

This shoot was a team effort with a new friend (Morgyn) taking charge of make-up and styling (which added another level to the shoot) and Loren’s man Josh helping out with the lighting. Thanks so much for your help guys, it was great working with a larger team. 😉

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