The Photographer Model

A while back I asked for model volunteers on Facebook. Photographer Renee Eloise (AKA Lizard of Lizard Imagery) put her hand up, having started her career as a model. This gave me an idea “why not shoot a fun portrait that shows Renee as both a model and the photographer that she is”. There were many ways we could have done this, but we decided on something sexy because it contrasts with the normal perception of photographers (who are generally ‘much’ more comfortable behind the lens than in front of it). The photos on the floor around Renee are not my shots, but are images of Renee from her portfolio by a variety of photographers.

I should also point out that the shoot itself  was squeezed in between one of my afternoon model shoots and Renee’s night time photographic gig at The One nightclub, somewhere between 8pm and 10pm on a Saturday night. That 2 hours was the total time we had to setup from scratch and shoot). Was also my first time using multiple studio lights, so I’m pretty pleased to have gotten the result we did given the circumstances 😉

View photos from this shoot!